Foods to reduce heart risk

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish are very beneficial for the health of our heart, and therefore, their daily consumption allows us to greatly reduce cardiac risk.

The foods that cannot be missing from your diet to prevent heart risk are the following:

– Fish . Its composition of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and its hypotensive effect and reduction of triglyceride levels help reduce thrombotic tendencies.

-Reduce foods that contain saturated fats as much as possible , as they increase cholesterol levels. In this sense, fatty meat, butter, and dairy products should be replaced with legumes or nuts such as almonds or walnuts. In fact, there are studies that claim that consuming walnuts more than four times a week is beneficial in reducing the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases, compared to people who do not consume them.

-It is better to eat lean meat like chicken.

– Fruits and vegetables are essential in our diet. They contain vitamins, potassium and water, important elements for health. Of course, it is not advisable to abuse fruit juices either because they can cause an increase in cholesterol.

-The consumption of wine is beneficial, since it increases concentrations of good cholesterol and is also rich in antioxidants.

– Garlic helps reduce bad cholesterol and, at the same time, has antithrombotic effects.

– Dark chocolate is also recommended. It provides antioxidants and also reduces blood pressure.

-Avoid excessive consumption of stimulants and alcoholic beverages. Moderate alcohol consumption can improve circulation, but if consumed in excess, heart rate and blood pressure increase.
Therefore, if we take care of the amounts of foods that we have mentioned and are part of our usual diet, we can have a noticeable effect on the health of our heart. Let’s not also forget that, along with healthy eating, our lifestyle is going to be very important to reduce cardiac risk.

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