Copyright, how to protect my website

If you are thinking about creating a website or have already designed one, you have surely asked yourself  how to protect it or how copyright works ; Read below to know the key points of copyright, so that no one can use its contents.

Protect a web page with copyright

To protect a web page with copyright, as long as it is original, the web page will be protected by copyright , which is a set of legal rules that reaffirm the moral and economic rights that the law grants to authors for creating a work . Whatever the genre , it is published and original.

As a reminder, you can include a copyright notice on the main page of your website in the following form © with the name of the owner and the date it was created, and which can serve as evidence in any conflict . judicial that may arise; That is why it is important to include it on the page and always keep it updated .

In this way you can prevent any copy of your website  or part of it that you have not authorized .  Only you can authorize the reproduction of the content of the website, indicating it in the copyright notice , indicating the uses in detail that you wish . authorize, and the conditions that must be met to do so, such as identifying the website and showing the copyright holder , as happens with Creative Commons licenses.

All artistic content that is present on a website can be protected through copyright registration; For this reason, the author of a work has the exclusive right to dispose of it as he prefers , to publish it, display it publicly, translate it, adapt it or reproduce it in any way and can prevent another from using it in any way.

Registering with the National Directorate of Copyright protects the copyright holder by giving them the security that their work will be exclusive  and will provide them with powers to take action against anyone who uses said work without their authorization .

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