Benefits of sleeping well: 10 reasons

Sleeping well implies two things: on the one hand, resting the necessary hours and, on the other hand, resting them well . It’s not about being in bed for 10 hours tossing and turning, but it’s not worth sleeping for 4 hours and saying that that’s enough. What usually happens is that the body gets used to resting for long periods of time, but in the long run it takes its toll. While it is true that each person needs a different amount of rest, it is also true that many people do not rest as much as they should. At Health and Beauty we give you 10 reasons to pay more attention to your rest :

  1. Esthetic . Sleeping makes you beautiful, your skin rests and cells regenerate more easily.
  2. The eyes . Vision rests deeply and rhodopsin, a light-sensitive pigment, is regenerated, so that the eyes recover from the effort made during the day. It also helps eliminate dark circles and bags.
  3. Breathing . When you fall asleep, it slows down and becomes deeper, which facilitates oxygenation of the cells.
  4. Lose weight . When the body does not rest enough, it tends to accumulate fat and it is more difficult to burn it. A rested body helps maintain weight or even lose it since when we sleep little we produce a greater amount of the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite.
  5. Anti-virus . The immune system needs to rest, little sleep affects it as much as stress, which increases the risk of infections.
  6. Control hypertension . When we do not rest enough we are at risk of an increase in our blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases due to the increased production of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress.
  7. Heart . During sleep, the heart rate also slows down so that coronary cells and tissues can repair themselves: it is the time when our body releases melatonin and growth hormone to carry out these tasks.
  8. Control Diabetes . Sleeping well also helps control type 2 diabetes since blood sugar levels increase as a result of cortisol itself.
  9. Intellectual . Rest is essential to improve our intellectual activity. The brain needs these hours of disconnection to process all the information accumulated during the day. To study , for example, it is best to sleep well compared to those who stay up all night reviewing. It also helps our emotionality, so that we release unconscious emotions that would otherwise remain repressed.
  10. Physical coordination . A psychomotor activity cannot be carried out properly if the brain is not rested. It is when we miss the mark because of fatigue. If the activity we are going to carry out is driving or a job that involves risks, rest is not only advisable but essential.

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