Benefits of physical exercise and sport

Physical exercise and sport help us improve our health and quality of life , providing a good number of benefits on a physical, mental and socio-affective level. Physical activity is, therefore, one of the healthiest habits we can do, since it helps us eliminate excess kilos and fluids retained in our body, allows us to gain muscle mass and tone our body, combat fatigue, improve our mood, eliminate stress or improve intestinal transit.

Despite all these advantages that regular exercise offers us, some people do not try it out of laziness , muscle pain, or simply because of the normal fatigue that can be felt when you are not in shape. However, with a little willpower and effort we can quickly notice the positive effects of leading a physically active life.

There are many reasons that can lead us to choose one sport or another, but the most important thing is that it is comfortable for us, that we like to practice it and that it does not bother us. In addition, it is important to consult with a doctor and a trainer who can tell us what type of physical exercise is most recommended for us , as well as what activity that, due to our own characteristics, allows us to achieve greater performance. It will be time to begin, little by little, to accustom our body to the effort involved in practicing daily physical exercise. Our body will thank us, since the number of health benefits is very high.

– On a physical level:

– Eliminate fat and avoid overweight problems

– Increase our resistance

– Prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases

– Increases muscle development

– Prevents osteoporosis

– Greater cardiorespiratory capacity

– General improvement of our physical condition. We will gain resistance, strength, speed and elasticity.

– Avoid constipation problems

– On a psychic level:

– Eliminates stress

– Allows us to rest and sleep better

– Improves our coordination and reflexes

– Helps us calm down and avoid depressive states

– At a socio-affective level:

– Helps us relate to others

– Increases motivation and interest

– Values ​​such as leadership, responsibility or help are acquired

– Stimulates group work

– Reduces aggression

– Promotes our self-esteem

– Improves our body image

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