7 Tips to lead a healthy life

Life expectancy is increasing in advanced countries thanks to advances in science and awareness of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle . There is no magic formula that ensures we live better and longer, but there are certain habits that we can follow to avoid the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and cancer , which are two of the main causes of premature death.

The lifestyle we lead has a clear impact on our health. Leading a sedentary life , the consumption of alcohol and/or tobacco or diets rich in fat are risk factors that can favor the appearance of diseases. On the contrary, eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising has great benefits for our body.

Many studies have highlighted the importance of maintaining healthy habits to prevent cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. Therefore, it is very important to know the specific things that can help us take care of our health and reduce the risk of suffering from diseases.

Changing to a healthy diet and quitting smoking are actions that have immediate positive effects on our health. By following a series of simple tips, we can reduce the risk of suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease by half, so it is an issue to take into account if we want to stay healthy. It is never too late to change our lifestyle habits, so encourage yourself to lead a healthy life and you will soon notice the positive effects. The following are the main guidelines for leading a healthy life :

– Exercise, move

We all know that exercise is very good for our health. It allows us to stay in shape, avoid overweight problems, reduce stress, improve our mood, strengthen and tone our muscles and improve motor coordination, among other benefits.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) , just 30 minutes of moderate exercise (walking at a good pace or running lightly), five days a week, considerably reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, suffering from a heart attack or have a stroke In the case of children, the need for exercise is greater, so an hour a day would be ideal.

– Control cholesterol

It is the only way to guarantee that our arteries are not going to become blocked, which could have very negative consequences for our health. It is important that the cholesterol level does not exceed 200 mg/dl , especially in those people who have a hereditary gene that causes them to produce too much bad cholesterol (LDL).

To keep cholesterol at bay it is vital to avoid saturated fats and increase the consumption of foods low in cholesterol . Likewise, it is essential to exercise and avoid being overweight .

– Control blood pressure

Having high blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for coronary heart disease. Hypertension can have serious consequences for our body, since it causes blood to flow through the arteries with great force, affecting all our vital organs .

This chronic disease is known as the “silent epidemic of the 21st century” , since it does not usually present symptoms, but if untreated, it can cause myocardial infarctions, hemorrhages, strokes, kidney failure and blindness. Hence, periodic check -ups are vital , since it is the only way to detect the existence of hypertension in its initial stages and establish appropriate treatment.

The best way to control stress is to eat a low-salt diet, avoid being overweight, control stress and anxiety, stay fit with regular exercise , and limit or eliminate alcohol and tobacco consumption .

– Learn to eat well

Diet is the risk factor that causes the most deaths and disabilities in the world, according to the largest study on diseases, accidents and life expectancy carried out to date. The Globan Burden of Disease Study insists on the need to reduce the intake of unhealthy fats, foods rich in cholesterol, sugars and sugar . On the contrary, it is recommended to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber and lean protein, in addition to fruits and vegetables. Likewise, you should eat fish at least twice a week.

– Keep your weight in check

If we follow the above advice, we will be avoiding the problems of being overweight and all the diseases that are associated with it, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and some types of cancer.

If our Body Mass Index is greater than 25, we should go on a diet as soon as possible, since the risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems increases significantly.

– Reduce sugar consumption

Having diabetes substantially increases the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke . Therefore, it is important to prevent the appearance of this disease by always controlling the blood sugar level, even when we are young people.

To reduce blood glucose levels, you should reduce your consumption of simple sugars (sweets and soft drinks), exercise regularly, and take medication if prescribed by your doctor. A healthy blood sugar level helps us protect our main organs, so we will live longer and better.

– Eliminate tobacco from our lives

Even if you comply with all the previous advice, if you smoke you will be ruining all your work. Tobacco causes millions of deaths a year in the world. The harmful effects of tobacco are innumerable : it damages our circulatory system, causes the appearance of clots in the blood, increases the risk of suffering from aneurysms and heart diseases, in addition to being one of the main risk factors for suffering from cancer.

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