10 tips for taking out home insurance

We all need to feel protected against any unforeseen event that may occur in our home. To do this, we must take out good home insurance that guarantees us the peace of mind we are looking for.

When purchasing home insurance, it is important to follow some tips to choose the option that best suits our needs. In the event that you own the home and you live in it, take out insurance that covers both container and contents.

  1. If you are going to insure your primary home , it is important to take out insurance that covers the container and contents .
  2. If you are the owner but you are going to rent your empty home , only worry that the structure of the house is covered. Continent insurance will be more than enough in this case.
  3. If you are a tenant and the owner’s insurance does not cover the contents , you must insure it yourself. This is important if you do not want to run into problems in the event of an incident.
  4. Select only the coverages you really need . Some companies give a base rate and then add coverage based on needs. Do not take out, for example, insurance that covers jewelry if you have practically nothing to insure.
  5. Ask that they provide you not only with the coverage sheet, but also with the complete catalogue, before signing a policy with the insurance company. Many times, things are not what they seem.
  6. Request an updated appraisal of your home if significant improvements have been made recently. Normally, to calculate the rate, insurance companies will use the construction date of the home, so it is important for them to know if it has been improved.
  7. It is interesting to hire legal assistance for any type of claim, as long as it does not involve a very high amount. Sometimes, it is better to do it in specialized legal companies.
  8. Look for an  insurance company that will take care of the repairs directly and will not force you to repair it yourself and then pass it on to the insurance company.
  9. Please read the waiting period clauses carefully because it may take some time for the insurance to take effect on some of your coverages.
  10. In any case, try to take out insurance without a deductible or with a very low deductible.

By following these tips it is easier to find the home insurance that we really want.

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